Meetings & Events


Everyone is welcome to our chapter events and educational seminars. For our small discussion groups and chapter meetings, the content is specifically geared towards adults. If you need information about organizations for teenagers and children, please email us.

Our meeting motto is - “What is shared here, stays here. What is learned here, leaves here.”

Our meetings typically follow this format:

Welcome and opening statements followed by introductions. We have either a discussion group or a presentation by a guest speaker. After this first block, we may have a Q&A session, break into smaller groups, and/or snacks and socializing at the end. Both before we begin the meeting and afterwards, we will have a free literature table available.

Everyone is welcome at our meeting, including both LGBTQIA2S+ persons and their family, friends, spouses, co-workers, and those who simply wish to learn. You do not need prior contact or an appointment to come to a meeting. There is no cost to attend. You are never required to speak or answer any questions you do not wish to or feel comfortable enough to answer.

We are all in different places in our journey. You may see other attendees who seem to “have it together” or “know way more” but rest assured – they didn’t start out that way. They had to learn and process too.

If our regular meetings do not work for you or you feel uncomfortable with a larger group setting, we offer alternatives. We offer coffee-meetups and parlor meetings which can range from one-on-one conversation at a friendly café to a handful of support-givers meeting with you at a selected location. Please contact us through email if you would like to arrange one of these.

Marshfield PFLAG recognizes and supports the importance of mental health. We encourage those who need mental health services to seek professional help. is a resource that can assist with finding local mental health services. We are dedicated to the overall well-being of participants; yet please recognize, we are not a substitute for professional mental health services.


Please check our Facebook page for up-dated information and the location of our meeting for that month.